Satt Paris Saclay


« Growth acceleration vector interfacing with research laboratories and companies, the Paris-Saclay TTO accompanies us in the transposition of ONERA’s technologies bound for the first actors of the SILVER ECONOMY, the SENIORS. The TTO’s approach corresponds to the CERIG’s promise, to SEE FAR BEING A CLOSE RELATION, and their expertise completes efficiently ours for a further added value, founder of a sustainable development. »

Bruno Duperrier
Managing director – CERIG

Satt Paris Saclay

Laboratoires Pierre Fabre

« Our collaboration with Paris-Saclay TTO offers new innovation opportunities. Thanks to Paris-Saclay TTO’s in-depth knowledge of the local research infrastructure, we are able to prescreen the research labs and projects which are tailored to our needs. For us, it represents a genuine time savings and a tremendous lever for developing research potential. »

Jean-Louis Vidaluc
Head of External Research at the Pierre Fabre Research Institute


Aiming to anticipate the therapeutic needs of tomorrow and develop treatments for them in the fields of oncology, dermatology or neuropsychiatry, Pierre Fabre Laboratories devotes a major part of its activities to the search for new molecules and innovative technologies. Within this context, the Pierre Fabre Research Institute (IRPF) initiated a collaboration with Paris-Saclay TTO with the hope of ultimately developing new partnerships with research labs and establishments of the University of Paris-Saclay’s cluster. To this aim, and in order to stimulate this collaboration, TTO has organized numerous pitch meetings between researchers of the University and our Research Institute.

Satt Paris Saclay


« SATT Paris-Saclay provides us with full support: solutions to our innovation issues, financing and assistance throughout the development process. »

Tayfun Akaltun
Managing Director-Modalist


Modalist is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of used clothing. It came to us asking for help in dealing with its innovation priorities in matters of development and optimization of algorithms, image-processing and pricing. We supported Modalist’s specific needs by coordinating contacts with the relevant research labs and researchers at the University of Paris-Saclay cluster specialized in these sectors of activity and fields of research.

Satt Paris Saclay


« SATT Paris-Saclay saves us precious time.
It enables us to identify and meet up with representatives of the research labs offering innovations specifically fitting our needs.»

Nadine Buard
Head of R&D – Withings


Withings designs and commercializes smart-devices in the fields of health and well-being, a range of products for which innovation is the motto. Paris-Saclay TTO has helped the company respond to challenges it faces, in particular, regarding energy consumption, sensor technology and the embedding of sensors and other components in smart devices. By actively supporting Withings in its search for and identification of innovative technologies, we have enabled the company to meet with researchers at numerous research labs within the University of Paris-Saclay cluster, encountering in this way the latest offerings in innovative sensor technology.