Are you a researcher, engineer, inventor or designer?

Satt Paris Saclay

Paris-Saclay TTO is your preferred representative if you wish to bring critical added value to your research results and generate the economic benefits they could provide to you and society at large. We will provide you with the expertise as well as the human, technical and financial capital necessary to ensure the protection, development and commercialization of your innovation in the fields Technology, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences.


Assessing the potential of your innovation
Assistance in the development and delivery of your project
Economic analysis, legal advice, IP strategizing, transfer schemes, market positioning.

Development financing for your technology

Assistance in establishing proof of concept

Protection of your research findings

Negotiation and management of your commercial licensing agreements with companies

Support in new business development

Access to our socio-economic network


Our team of experts will assist you at each stage of the commercial development process.

Satt Paris Saclay


Assessment of your innovation’s potential

Via regular calls for projects, the Paris-Saclay TTO carries out the partner laboratories of the University of Paris-Saclay cluster in order to identify innovative technologies.

Within this framework, following an assessment of your innovation’s potential, we will co-pilot the development of your project. During the initial phase, with the help of our business development experts, you will set up the development, financing and IP protection plans.

Your project is then analyzed by our Investment Advisory Committee, which issues an opinion concerning both its technical feasibility and its market potential before submitting an investment proposal to our Board of Directors, which is responsible for the vetting of the final investment decision by TTO.


The proof of concept of your technology on a market

Bringing a technology up to industry-readiness is an essential stage in the development process, which allows for the validation of the core concepts or targeted applications formulated through the research findings. This phase in the technology maturity process ensures the reliability of the operational transfer of the technology to the business world by confirming the following points:
technical specificities (proof of concept, prototyping, industrialization, norms)
commercialization (characterization of the commercial offering, economic model, target markets, time to market).
IP (industrial protection & licensing)
Legal issues (contracts, norms & regulations)

This phase, which aims to bring the technology to a level of industry readiness, may be carried out in direct partnership with the company seeking to exploit the results of this development. We call this co-development.
The latter is the preferred development model of Paris-Saclay TTO.


Transfering your project to the market

When your project is ready for transfer, Paris-Saclay TTO assists you in defining the most suitable commercialization model.
There are two possible scenarios:

The transfer of your technology to industrial partners (major corporations, middle-market companies or SMEs) via a system of licensing agreements or sale of IPR.
In this case, TTO will assist you not only in the search for companies seeking to exploit your research findings but also in the negotiation and management of the licensing agreements.

The launch of a start-up in view of the commercialization of your innovation.
We will thus assist you in all stages of the creation of your company.