Are you an entrepreneur, an industrialist or an investor?

Satt Paris Saclay

Paris-Saclay TTO is the preferred representative for companies seeking innovative solutions. We offer a centralized point of contact, making it easier both to help you find the scientific and technological expertise necessary for the development of your project and to finance it through its transfer to the market.


Access to the scientific excellence, skills and expertise of the laboratories of the University of Paris-Saclay cluster
18 establishments, 320 research labs,
10,500 researchers, 5,700 PhD candidates
60,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

Identification of high-potential innovative technologies

Identification of key partners to carry out your project successfully

Financing of the technological and economic development of your project

Transfer of technolgies to companies

Would you like to launch a start-up?

If you are an entrepreneur and you would like to create a start-up, Paris-Saclay TTO can help you identify your technology needs, share its market expertise with you and establish initial contact with investors.

Satt Paris Saclay

Among the 15 projects financed within the framework of our 2014 and 2015 calls for projects, 10 gave rise to a start-up. The entrepreneurs behind these 10 projects sought us out to establish the proof of concept for their future company.

Among these 7 projects:

1 was undertaken by students
2 was carried out by an industry-based entrepreneur
4 were run by public research-based entrepreneurs .


Our team of experts will be there to support your innovation project at each stage of development.

Satt Paris Saclay


Identification of laboratory-driven expertise and technological innovation

We are attentive to your needs.

Upon request, and after having jointly analyzed your needs and technological issues, we will put you in contact with local research labs in order to initiate a collaboration and gain access to high level scientific facilities and expertise.

Together, we will meet with researchers and visit labs of the Saclay cluster in search of the skills which fit your needs and identify the innovation which will grow your company.


Investment in the technological development of your project

After having jointly carried out a skill and technology needs analyses, we will elaborate a co-designed development plan. This stage focusing on the “technological, legal and IP” development of the innovation selected and financed by Paris-Saclay TTO, aims above all to transform the technological concept into an industry-ready product or service via proof of concept.

The scientific findings are thus optimized and the technology transfer to your company secured.


Technology transfer to your company

In the final stage, we will assist in the transfer of the technology to your company. Within this framework, we will coordinate the negotiations with the researchers behind the innovation to license the technology.
The intellectual and industrial property of the technology transfer are thus fully safeguarded.