Technology Transfer

Paris-Saclay TTO brings researchers and companies together.
We have three main professions Identifying innovative projects (in the fields of Technology,
Science, Humanities and Social Sciences), maturation projects and Tech Transfer to companies.


Identify promising research-based innovation
That is our first activity, not only through calls for projects but also via direct contact with research labs.
Projects are prescreened by our team for their innovative nature and potential added market value. The objective is to estimate the economic value of a project in terms of its potential commercial applications on a market.

Once the project has been selected, a working group, comprised of the research lab (or labs), the industry partner or entrepreneur and Paris-Saclay TTO, teams up to come up with and agree to a working plan. The plan is financed, based on the formulation of a market forecast supported by r.o.i. hypotheses.


Provide technology development & legal and business support
Once a project has been put together, the Investment Advisory Committee, followed by Paris-Saclay TTO’s Board of Directors, validate the investment proposal.
The project then enters venture stage. It is run by Paris-Saclay TTO, in conjunction with the associated industry partner, or with the entrepreneur, in the case of a start-up. Paris-Saclay TTO supports the project at a technological, legal and commercial level. Through its results, the project should demonstrate the market-readiness of the technology.


Bring the technology to market
In the final stage of development, the technology is transferred to the market. Various optimization models are put forward:

tech transfer to industry partners (major corporations, middle-market companies or SMEs) via licensing agreements.
the incubation of start-ups with a view to commercializing the technology and expertise developed by the labs and researchers.

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Support Services

Paris-Saclay TTO also provides support services for researchers and partner institutions
so as to foster the cross-fertilization of technology with the market and to promote business development, in particular, by better serving the needs of SMEs and middle-market players.

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Our support services consist predominantly of the following activities:

IP Audits
Development of research projects or technologies
Exploitation of patents or know-how
Development of a laboratory’s potential assessment
Identification of industry partners
Industrial Intelligence Profiles
Shaping IP awareness
Raising tech transfer awareness
Raising economic intelligence awareness
Devising Marketing Strategy for New Technology

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